V2.43.0 (15/Aug/22)

NEW Behind the scenes support has been implemented to allow adding multiple signatures to a workflow or asset class as a new field type. This feature isn’t currently available but will be in an upcoming release.

IMPROVED In some scenarios, user imports were not applying country correctly to new users and causing issues viewing the User Details. User imports are now setting country correctly and affected users have been addressed.

IMPROVED The Save Offline button in the Workflow Report Editor has been moved to a toggle when submitting work. Functionality has otherwise remained the same.

FIXED When viewing assets and completing work from the Map, a user’s current map view was not being persisted. You should now see your previous view when returning to the Map.

FIXED When editing an asset with multiple choice fields using parent/child list definitions, child fields were not filtering based on the selection in the parent field. Affected fields are now filtering properly.

FIXED Some users were not seeing all their work queues from the Work Queue Manager page. All work queues a user created are now visible to users in the Work Queue Manager.

FIXED Some users reported issues seeing saved searches using accounts in the Work Order Search. Affected saved searches are now showing correctly.

FIXED Newly-created ESRI subscriptions were not showing correctly when added until that subscription synced. New subscriptions are now showing without error.

FIXED Some users were receiving an unexpected error when attempting to validate a shapefile for import. Shapefiles will now validate normally.

FIXED In certain scenarios photo fields with previously-saved non-photo data were preventing assets from loading. These assets will now load normally and allow users to correct the data.

FIXED When exporting asset attachments from the Asset Search page, files larger than 5GB were not exporting correctly. All asset attachments should now export normally.

V2.42.0 (01/Aug/22)

IMPROVED The Map page has been optimized to improve general performance.

FIXED Fixed an issue where multiple choice and multiple select fields were not always loading correctly when editing an asset from the Workflow Report Editor.

FIXED Child list items were not filtering correctly based on parent lists in the Asset Editor. Lists are now filtering correctly in multiple choice fields.

FIXED Columns in the GetWFReports API were sometimes returning duplicated, causing issues in Google reports. GetWFReports is now returning results without duplicated columns.

FIXED Some filters and operators were not showing properly in the Work Order Search page’s advanced search for users without the Billing Account Admin security right. Filters are now showing consistently for all users.

V2.41.0 (18/Jul/22)

NEW Enhanced the workflow report editor so that multiple choice and multiple select fields can be assigned a group ID. Now fields using a child list definition will filter independently if there are different fields using the same parent list definition where previously they could not.

IMPROVED Improved security around uploaded files in Utility Cloud hosted in Amazon Web Services s3 buckets.

FIXED Fixed an issue where emails were not always showing appropriately in the Email Log tile if a billing account had a parent billing account.

FIXED Fixed an issue where help files were not always redirecting correctly for some whitelabeled billing accounts.

V2.40.0 (05/Jul/22)

NEW User can now opt into SMS messages with Utility Cloud and receive SMS notifications in addition to email notifications for their work orders. For more information, see our help file here.

FIXED Some users were not always seeing the correct work queues when creating or editing their work queues. These should now be displaying normally for all users.

FIXED For certain ESRI subscriptions in the Account Details page, the correct feature layers weren’t being retrieved when selecting a feature layer. Feature layers should now match their feature server correctly.

FIXED In some scenarios, the new webhook triggers were incorrectly sending a work order’s status as open when it was completed or closed. Webhook notifications will now show the correct work order status in their payload.

V2.39.0 (21/Jun/22)

NEW A new type of workflow trigger is now available where simple work order data can now be sent to a webhook endpoint. For more information, see our help file here.

FIXED In some scenarios jobs and exports were not always showing properly on the jobs panel. All jobs should now be showing normally.

FIXED Newly-created users were incorrectly being redirected to the Login page from their welcome email instead of being prompted to accept terms and conditions and set their password. New users should now be redirected correctly.

V2.37.0 (23/May/22)

FIXED Addressed an issue where filters were not loading properly when editing an existing Analytic.

V2.36.0 (09/May/22)

NEW Added a new Assets field type for workflows and asset classes, showing either all assets in the current account or all children assets of the asset currently being edited or having work completed against it. For more information, see Asset Class Attributes and Workflow Fields.

NEW Added support for creating a work order against any asset instead of just the current by utilizing the new Assets field type combined with work order triggers. For more information, see Asset class and workflow triggers.

NEW Added support for updating the asset attributes of any asset instead of just the current by utilizing the new Assets field type combined with update other asset attributes triggers. For more information, see Asset class and workflow triggers.

IMPROVED Increased the performance of the CreateUsers API to prevent the response from timing out before a user is finished creating.

FIXED In certain scenarios once a work order trigger was created, users were unable to edit that trigger on the Workflow Class Builder or Asset Class Builder. Users should now be able to edit and save triggers normally.

FIXED Some jobs in the job processing panel were showing duplicated and now should be showing normally.

V2.35.0 (25/Apr/22)

IMPROVED Made significant improvements to the performance of asset searches on the Asset Search page.

FIXED Fixed an issue where the Account Details page was timing out for some accounts with a large number of assets.

FIXED Fixed an issue where some new users were unable to select a workflow when creating analytics.

FIXED Fixed an issue where users were unable to create or edit work order triggers on some workflows or asset classes.

FIXED Fixed an issue where workflows were not deleting appropriately if associated with a Google reporting setting.

V2.34.0 (11/Apr/22)

NEW ESRI subscriptions now support syncing daily with change tracking enabled.

IMPROVED Advanced whitelabeling functionality is now enabled for all child billing accounts of a parent billing account.

FIXED In some scenarios ESRI subscriptions were not completing correctly on syncing. These subscriptions should now sync normally.

FIXED Fixed an issue where some sequences were not showing as 100% when all steps had been completed.

FIXED In the Letters page, long asset descriptions caused alignment issues with the Work Queue results table. This table is now formatting correctly.

FIXED Fixed an issue where assets were not always archiving correctly from the Account Details page.

V2.33.0 (28/Mar/22)

IMPROVED Made general performance improvements to all pages using the job processing panel.

IMPROVED Made general improvements to the performance and stability of work submission.

FIXED Fixed an issue where navigating to the Asset Search from the Account Details page’s asset chart was not always populating search results correctly.

V2.32.0 (14/Mar/22)

IMPROVED Made general improvements to the performance and reliability of the Custom Views page.

FIXED In some scenarios where linear assets brought in through an Esri sync had multiple line segments per asset, users were unable to edit or delete points on those line segments from the Asset Editor. Users should now be able to edit them normally.

V2.31.0 (28/Feb/22)

IMPROVED Made updates to the Asset Search page to make it more clear when a search is being performed opposed to when a search has been completed.

FIXED When saving an image to a photo field type on an asset or workflow report, once added editing that image to rotate its orientation was not saving properly. Images should now reflect changes to orientation made on save.

V2.30.0 (15/Feb/22)

IMPROVED The Google reporting panel on the Account Details page is now updated to be more in line with Google’s branding.

IMPROVED Both Utility Cloud’s terms and conditions and privacy policy are now available directly from the login page.

IMPROVED Assets without work scheduled were sometimes taking an excessive amount of time to load on the Map. Those assets should now be loading more quickly.

FIXED In some scenarios when editing a route set to reoccur weekly on specific days of the week, that route was instead scheduling work orders all on the same day of the week. Those work orders are not correctly reoccurring on their proper day of the week.

FIXED The GetWFReports API used in Google reporting and the Excel add-in was sometimes caching results and returning the previous search results when updating the query. The API is now returning those results correctly.

FIXED Workflows set with a data retention policy were not correctly deleting workflow reports outside of that policy. Workflow reports outside the retention policy are now being deleted correctly.

FIXED Emails sent to email addresses not belonging to Utility Cloud users were not sending correctly in some scenarios. Those emails are now be sending as normal.

FIXED In certain scenarios new users weren’t receiving the welcome email correctly. New users are now able to login with the welcome email normally.

FIXED When a photo field was left incomplete on an asset or workflow report, that field was showing as if it had a broken image instead of no data saved. Those fields are now correctly be showing as empty.

V2.29.0 (31/Jan/22)

IMPROVED Improved visibility of our terms and conditions and privacy policy. These are now available from the Login page and throughout the site in our footer in addition to being available on the Landing Page.

IMPROVED Made additional performance improvements to the new job processing panel.

FIXED Fixed an issue where the Account Search advanced search was incorrectly only searching against a user’s assigned accounts if they had rights to view all. Users will now correctly see results returned against all accounts in the advanced search.

FIXED Fixed an issue where some users were seeing an error message on submitting offline work despite submission being successful. Affected users should no longer see this error message.

FIXED Fixed an issue where some users who submitted support tickets through Utility Cloud were not receiving responses through Zendesk. All users should now properly be receiving responses to their support tickets.

V2.28.0 (17/Jan/22)

IMPROVED Added our privacy policy to the Landing Page so that it’s more readily accessible to all users.

IMPROVED Improved performance on loading hidden fields and calculating expressions on larger workflows.

FIXED Fixed an error where attempting to save a workflow report offline was instead submitting that workflow report as normal.

FIXED Fixed an issue where routes set to reoccur work orders by complete date were not always generating those next occurrences correctly.

FIXED Fixed an issue where sometimes the Letters page was not loading work queue results correctly.

V2.27.0 (5/Jan/22)

IMPROVED Various improvements were made to the new jobs panel around performance and general functionality.

FIXED In some scenarios newly-created assets were not immediately appearing in search results on the Asset Search page. These assets should now appear right away.

FIXED In both the Workflow Class Builder and workflow imports the Retention Policy field was being required even if a Data Retention Policy was not enabled on a workflow. This is now validating correctly.

FIXED In some scenarios asset stakeholder emails were not sending on creating or editing assets correctly. These emails are now sending normally.

FIXED Updating workflows in larger routes was seeing performance issues while updating and saving. Performance has been improved in each scenario.