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Multiple signatures for workflows - 30/Jan/2023

We’d previously outlined a few of our upcoming features earlier this month, with user anonymization releasing in today’s release. Today, though, we’ll be going into more detail on the new signature field enhancement for workflows.

With our upcoming release on February 27th, we’re introducing a new configurable signature field type for workflows and doing away with our previous Requires Signature setting that currently allows for signatures on workflows.

Adding a new signature field to your workflows

Adding a new signature field from the Workflow Class Builder page.

With the new signature field type, you can now add signatures to your workflow the same as you’d add any other field. This allows you to call your signature field whatever you’d like instead of seeing the standard “Witness Signature” title the previous standard signature shows as well as letting you add as many signature fields as you need in whatever order you’d like on your workflow. You’ll also have the option to enforce if a signature field is required or not like other fields. One key difference between the signature field and others field types to keep in mind though is that you can’t add a default value to signature fields, to make sure that your users are signing the work themselves when they’re completing it.

You can read our help file about workflow fields more generally here.

What happens to my old signature fields?

Prior to releasing the new signature fields for everybody, we’ve been making changes to ensure we’re migrating all of your data from the previous standard field to a new configurable one. For any of your workflows with historical signature data, we’ll be adding a new signature field titled Signature and populating it with that historical data. When we release the new field type, the new field will be turned on and the old Requires Signature field will be turned off and disabled. Your users completing work out in the field shouldn’t notice any difference, except the new field will be titled Signature instead of Witness Signature. Once migrated, all workflows will need a signature field to be added instead of being set up using the Requires Signature setting on the Workflow Class Builder page.

The previous Requires Signature field (left) side-by-side with the upcoming configurable signature field (right).

Similarly, we’ve made some changes to data returned by our GetWFReports API call so that any integrations using that API, including Google reports and the Excel add-in, continue to work as normal. If you have a workflow with a new signature field titled Signature, whether it’s migrated or one you’ve added yourself later, that field will populate in the same spot as any historical signatures in the API call’s response. Any additional signature fields or signature fields with a different name generally will populate as workflow fields normally in your response.

We hope you’re looking forward to the possibilities configurable signatures allow on your workflows! If you have any questions around the new signature field, our Customer Support team is always ready and available to answer your questions.

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