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Business lines

Business Lines are groups of related products or services that serve specific client business needs. For example, a municipality's business lines could include Water, Wastewater, Stormwater, Gas, Health, or Electric. Your business lines link together your accounts, asset classes, and workflows, and assigning a business line to an account provides that account all asset classes and workflows from that business line.

Your business line's details

Users can access the Business Lines page from the Landing Page or left navigation menu. From there, you can view the basic details of your business line, including name, sort order, and number of associated accounts, workflows, asset classes, and assets. If you have a larger number of business lines, you can filter the page by entering any text in the upper-right search bar.

Security Rights Required: View Business Lines

Creating and editing business lines

You can create new business lines from the Business Lines page. To create a business line:

  1. Select the Business Lines tile from the Landing Page or from the left navigation menu to navigate to the Business Lines page.
  2. Select Create in the upper-right of the page.
  3. Enter the Name for your new business line.
  4. Enter any optional configuration for your business line:
    1. If a business line is marked as Exclusive, then any account assigned to that business line cannot be assigned additional business lines.
    2. Sort order determines the order a business line will show on the Business Lines page and elsewhere.
    3. Roles determine which security roles are associated with a business line. If no role is selected then your business line will be available to all roles.
  5. Save your changes by selecting Save at the lower right of the screen.

Any business line can be edited at any time by selecting it from the Business Lines page.

Security Rights Required: View Business Lines; Create Business Lines; Edit Business Lines

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