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2024 release notes

V2.89.0 (03/Jun/24)

IMPROVED Additional changes to improve accessibility have been made across the application and like the previous release improve the use of screen readers and improve readability of text and icons.

FIXED Multiple choice fields with a default value were not always showing that default correctly on the Workflow Report Editor. Default values now show normally based on workflow field configuration.

FIXED Work queues were not always loading correctly on the Letters page. They now show normally.

V2.88.0 (20/May/24)

IMPROVED Various minor styling changes have been made across the application for improved accessibility. Most of these changes are not visible but will provide a better experience for users who use a screen reader. In other scenarios, text and icon colors have been adjusted to improve readability.

FIXED In certain scenarios, saving an asset that was already a part of a route was adding an additional work order for that asset to the routes it belonged to. Saving existing assets will now only add that asset to a route if it had not previously belonged to that route.

FIXED On the BI Reports page, reports were showing for all users with access to the page rather than based on their business lines or security roles. Reports now show and hide appropriately based on user configuration.

V2.87.0 (06/May/24)

IMPROVED Made general improvements to Utility Cloud to improve page zoom throughout the application.

FIXED In February, Google made a breaking change to Google Sheets that interfered with our normal Google reporting process, require us to make changes that slow down the reporting process (for more details, you can read our announcement here). Google recently released a fix that allows us to revert our previous change, and Google reports will now behave as they did prior to Google’s initial change.

FIXED When configuring a Google report setting in the Workflow Class Builder page, Utility Cloud would only return the first 500 Google Sheets within a Drive account. Utility cloud will now display up to 1000 Sheets when setting up a Google report setting.

FIXED In the Workflow Report Editor page, the signature field type was not allowing a user to add a signature if it had been previously hidden on that workflow with a visibility conditional. Signature fields will now behave normally if previously hidden.

V2.86.0 (22/Apr/24)

IMPROVED Made improvements to Esri sync to continue syncing in the event of unexpected failures.

IMPROVED Made multiple improvements to the Excel add-in, largely around the Assets Group.

  • On retrieving or adding assets, results are automatically formatted as a table.

  • Header cells are no longer locked for the add-in, allowing filtering and sorting via Excel’s native functionality.

  • Users are now able to change the asset class of an asset when editing assets via the Excel add-in.

  • Headers in the Asset Group will remain visible when scrolling so that it is easier to tell which field headers belong to individual cells. Additionally, any cells unrelated to a row’s asset class will be grayed out.

  • Improved error messaging on a failed login.

  • Addressed an issue where retrieving workflow reports would fail without indication on the Workflow Group.

FIXED Audits in the History section of the Asset Details page were incorrectly showing the performer as the currently logged-in user instead of the actual performer. These audits will now show the correct user. Historical audits wee unaffected.

FIXED In certain scenarios, photo fields added to an asset by a trigger were not displaying correctly. These images will now display on the asset correctly.

FIXED Conditional messages were not displaying correctly if their criteria referenced a multiple select, users, assets, or additional report emails field, and in some specific scenarios, number fields. These messages will now display correctly.

FIXED Autogenerated work queues were not always generating correctly and now should generate normally.

V2.85.0 (08/Apr/24)

IMPROVED General improvements were made to improve performance on the Route Dashboard page, in particular for any user with a large number of routes.

FIXED When viewing any polygon assets on the map, any polygon assets that were not fully within the current view would not always show on the edges of the map. Polygon assets partially within the view will now show show long as at least one point from the asset would be in view.

FIXED Workflow and asset class triggers were not updating asset or user field values with the value from an asset or workflow report. These fields will now update normally when a trigger is processed.

FIXED The completed date of work orders were incorrectly being updated when an already-completed work order was resaved. Completed date will now only be set when an open or in progress work order is completed.

V2.84.0 (25/Mar/24)

FIXED In certain scenarios, users were not able to update an account’s image from the Account Details page when selecting the edit icon. Users are now able to consistently edit the account image.

FIXED In certain scenarios, the service URL of an Esri subscription was not saving properly when adding or updating a subscription. Those URLs now save properly as a user enters them.

FIXED When editing a workflow or asset class multiple choice or multiple select field from the Workflow Class Builder or Asset Class Builder pages, the default dropdown was not visible. This dropdown is now consistently visible.

FIXED In certain scenarios, asset tag QR codes were not always redirecting to the correct asset. These QR codes will now redirect properly.

FIXED When adding an asset to a reoccurring route set with hide until next occurrence, the work orders added for those assets were being hidden when they should not have been. Newly-added work orders in these routes will now align with other work orders that already exist in the current reoccurring interval.

V2.83.0 (11/Mar/24)

FIXED In certain scenarios, defaults for multiple choice and multiple select fields were not showing correctly when editing a field from the Workflow Class Builder or Asset Class Builder pages. These defaults will now show correctly.

V2.82.0 (26/Feb/24)

IMPROVED In any workflow or asset class with triggers, users were prevented from deactivating a field in use with a trigger through the Workflow Class Builder and Asset Class Builder pages but not through the import. Users will now be warned and prevented from deactivating these fields through an import, preventing accidentally breaking triggers.

IMPROVED In certain scenarios, shapefile imports were failing due to valid errors without an accompanying explanation of that error in the log file. Log files now give more detailed explanations for any potential failure.

FIXED When configuring an account’s Esri settings, failure messages were not showing when testing connections, giving the impression the connection was successful. Users will now see these errors if their connection was not successful.

V2.81.0 (12/Feb/24)

IMPROVED Previously, if there were an error on any workflow’s trigger on completing work, users would need to view an asset’s history to see that. A workflow’s stakeholders and any users with security right Billing Account Admin will now receive an email notification for any trigger errors.

FIXED From the Work Order Search calendar view, if no assignees were selected on the calendar then only work orders without assignees would display. Now, all work orders regardless of assignee will show when no assignee is selected.

FIXED In certain scenarios, default image data on photo fields was preventing users from saving an asset. Users will now be able to save those changes normally.

V2.80.0 (29/Jan/24)

IMPROVED It was previously possible for a user to end up in a state where they have no accounts assigned by editing users assigned to that account from the Account Details, causing various issues for the user with no account assignments. Now users cannot remove a user from an account if it is their only assigned account.

FIXED Certain advanced searches from the Work Order Search were taking significantly longer than expected to complete. Performance has been improved and these searches will now complete in expected timeframes.

FIXED In certain scenarios, on submitting a workflow report with photos, those photos were failing to upload while still appearing to have successfully uploaded. If a photo failed to upload on submission then users will now see an error and be prevented from saving, allowing reuploading of that photo.

FIXED In certain scenarios, empty photo fields on assets were preventing successfully saving that asset, even if the photo is not required. These assets will now save normally without issue.

FIXED Email workflow triggers were not successfully sending emails to users who did not have a user profile in Utility Cloud. These emails will now send successfully to external users.

V2.79.0 (15/Jan/24)

IMPROVED Minor styling updates to new BI Report Management page.

FIXED In certain scenarios, long-running Esri syncs were timing out for larger subscriptions. These subscriptions should now complete normally.

FIXED When uploading an account image on the Account Details page, some users needed to upload an image twice before changes saved successfully. Changes now save successfully on the first attempt.

FIXED In some scenarios, user’s profile images were not displaying correctly. These profile images now display normally.

FIXED On the Route and Work Order Search calendar views, filtering on assignees would not display the correct work orders on the calendar. Filtering by assignees now shows only work orders belonging to the selected assignees on the calendar.

V2.78.0 (02/Jan/24)

IMPROVED Made minor general security and stability improvements.

FIXED When attempting to delete an asset class, deletion of that asset class would fail if it were in use with an Esri subscription. Those asset classes will now delete successfully.

FIXED When resaving a workflow report completed by a user that is no longer active, that report workflow report would fail to produce a Google report if it was otherwise configured to do so. Those workflow reports now produce a Google report as normal.

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