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2024 release notes

V2.81.0 (12/Feb/24)

IMPROVED Previously, if there were an error on any workflow’s trigger on completing work, users would need to view an asset’s history to see that. A workflow’s stakeholders and any users with security right Billing Account Admin will now receive an email notification for any trigger errors.

FIXED From the Work Order Search calendar view, if no assignees were selected on the calendar then only work orders without assignees would display. Now, all work orders regardless of assignee will show when no assignee is selected.

FIXED In certain scenarios, default image data on photo fields was preventing users from saving an asset. Users will now be able to save those changes normally.

V2.80.0 (29/Jan/24)

IMPROVED It was previously possible for a user to end up in a state where they have no accounts assigned by editing users assigned to that account from the Account Details, causing various issues for the user with no account assignments. Now users cannot remove a user from an account if it is their only assigned account.

FIXED Certain advanced searches from the Work Order Search were taking significantly longer than expected to complete. Performance has been improved and these searches will now complete in expected timeframes.

FIXED In certain scenarios, on submitting a workflow report with photos, those photos were failing to upload while still appearing to have successfully uploaded. If a photo failed to upload on submission then users will now see an error and be prevented from saving, allowing reuploading of that photo.

FIXED In certain scenarios, empty photo fields on assets were preventing successfully saving that asset, even if the photo is not required. These assets will now save normally without issue.

FIXED Email workflow triggers were not successfully sending emails to users who did not have a user profile in Utility Cloud. These emails will now send successfully to external users.

V2.79.0 (15/Jan/24)

IMPROVED Minor styling updates to new BI Report Management page.

FIXED In certain scenarios, long-running Esri syncs were timing out for larger subscriptions. These subscriptions should now complete normally.

FIXED When uploading an account image on the Account Details page, some users needed to upload an image twice before changes saved successfully. Changes now save successfully on the first attempt.

FIXED In some scenarios, user’s profile images were not displaying correctly. These profile images now display normally.

FIXED On the Route and Work Order Search calendar views, filtering on assignees would not display the correct work orders on the calendar. Filtering by assignees now shows only work orders belonging to the selected assignees on the calendar.

V2.78.0 (02/Jan/24)

IMPROVED Made minor general security and stability improvements.

FIXED When attempting to delete an asset class, deletion of that asset class would fail if it were in use with an Esri subscription. Those asset classes will now delete successfully.

FIXED When resaving a workflow report completed by a user that is no longer active, that report workflow report would fail to produce a Google report if it was otherwise configured to do so. Those workflow reports now produce a Google report as normal.

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