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2023 release notes

V2.77.0 (18/Dec/23)

FIXED In certain scenarios, work order notification emails were showing the following day for a work order’s start date in the body of the email instead of the actual start date. Start date will now show accurately.

FIXED Users with work order notifications configured were receiving notifications for canceling a work order if they were set to receive notifications for closing a work order. Those users will now receive work order cancellation notifications if they are set to receive general update notifications on a work order.

FIXED In certain scenarios, an account’s image on Account Details was showing as a broken image when the image was still present. These images will now load properly.

V2.76.0 (04/Dec/23)

NEW For anyone with Power BI reports, those reports can now be directly embedded in our new BI Reports page. You can view our help page for more information here. If you don’t currently have Power BI reports, please reach out to your account manager for more information.

IMPROVED Made minor cross-site scripting security improvements.

FIXED When creating or copying a user, new user creation was not always successful if the new user was assigned a large number of accounts (typically over 100). These users will now be created successfully and with significant performance improvements.

V2.75.0 (20/Nov/23)

NEW For anyone with an account linked to Muni-Link, you can now link a workflow to a Muni-Link task manually on the Workflow Class Builder.

IMPROVED Made minor cross-site scripting and HTML injection security improvements.

FIXED Some users were not able to view work schedules on the Work Scheduler page. All users should now see their work schedules normally.

V2.74.0 (06/Nov/23)

FIXED The account dropdown on Work Order Search was not opening correctly. Users are now able to filter on accounts normally.

FIXED Addressed an issue with using the GetWFReports API call.

V2.73.0 (23/Oct/23)

NEW Users can now create a new Google sheet directly from their linked workflow in the Workflow Class Builder page. You can read more about this change and Google report changes generally here.

FIXED In some scenarios workflow triggers were incorrectly sending an error that they had duplicate email recipients. These triggers are no longer erroring.

FIXED When using the Work Order Search’s calendar view, the work order list for an individual day was sometimes expanding past the page footer. This list is now opening without being cut off.

FIXED When visiting the Workflow Report Editor of an asset a user does not have access to, that user was seeing a blank screen instead of an error message. Users will now see the correct error message.

V2.72.0 (09/Oct/23)

IMPROVED Made some minor adjustments to the Work Order Search page to help improve performance.

IMPROVED In certain scenarios where a workflow report did not exist or a user did not have access to that workflow report, the Get Workflow Reports API was returning an empty response. That API will now return the appropriate error message.

FIXED In some scenarios, longer-running Esri subscriptions were unable to properly retrieve an authentication token and timing out. These subscriptions will now continue without timing out.

V2.71.0 (25/Sep/23)

NEW The “Submit a ticket” button on the Landing page now redirects to the AMCS Customer Support Portal at instead of our Zendesk portal. You can read more about this change here.

IMPROVED General improvements were made to improve stability of Esri subscriptions.

FIXED When importing users with a single name instead of a first and last name, the user import was failing. The user import will now work normally with users with a single name.

FIXED For routes without a reoccurring schedule, the total number of work orders on the Route Dashboard were not showing correctly. These work orders are now showing appropriately.

FIXED In certain scenarios users were able to access the Work Order Details of work orders they would now normally be able to view. These work orders are now being blocked appropriately.

FIXED When editing an asset with a users field type from the Workflow Report Editor, those changes were not saving correctly. User fields will now save normally from the Workflow Report Editor.

V2.70.0 (11/Sep/23)

IMPROVED Updated how Esri subscriptions are configured at an account. When configuring an account for Esri subscriptions, Domain URL is no longer required or available. Instead, you must enter your Service URL and Token URL. For more information, see our help file here.

FIXED Fixed an issue where all Esri emails were being sent to users who were only configured to receive exception emails. These users will now only receive exception emails appropriately.

V2.69.0 (28/Aug/23)

IMPROVED Added additional details like tags and route to the Work Order Details page.

FIXED Addressed an intermittent issue where work orders were not always appropriately transitioning from Completed to Closed status.

FIXED Work order notification emails were not taking into account a user’s time zone in what date is shown. These emails now show the date in the recipient’s time zone.

FIXED Date fields were not showing consistently between the Workflow Report Editor and Workflow Compliance Report. These fields now show consistently between the two pages.

FIXED Asset field types were not reading properly when importing asset classes and workflows. These fields now import normally.

FIXED An account’s image on Account Details was not updating properly on saving. These images are now saving normally.

V2.68.0 (14/Aug/23)

FIXED Previously, if a workflow was deactivated when it was currently in use in a route with reoccurring scheduling, that route would continue to schedule work orders for the inactive workflow. Routes now stop scheduling new work orders for a workflow if it is deactivated.

FIXED In some scenarios, if an Esri sync set to Esri wins did not fully complete, assets were inappropriately being flagged as not being present in the linked feature layer. These assets will now remain active normally.

V2.67.0 (31/Jul/23)

FIXED When users attempted to complete work from a direct link, they were being redirected back to the Login page even if they were already logged in. These users are now navigating directly to the Workflow Report Editor without a redirect.

FIXED Trigger expressions were not properly evaluating in the Workflow Report Editor for work orders saved as a draft. These values now save and display correctly.

V2.66.0 (17/Jul/23)

IMPROVED Made general improvements to the performance of the Work Order Search.

FIXED When editing asset class fields, units were not saving correctly. Units now save normally on asset class fields.

V2.65.0 (05/Jul/23)

IMPROVED While viewing or editing a saved workflow report, if a saved value for a multiple choice or multiple select field was no longer a valid option in that list definition, that value was being cleared without warning the user. Users will now see a notification that a valid was removed and is no longer valid.

FIXED In certain scenarios Esri subscriptions were not able to validate successfully due to differences in the token refresh rate. These subscriptions now validate successfully.

FIXED When an in progress wort order transitioned to a Canceled or Expires status, that work order’s workflow report was showing as complete instead of in progress. These workflow reports will now remain in the in progress status.

V2.64.0 (19/Jun/23)

IMPROVED Addressed a security vulnerability when copying assets while copying an account.

FIXED From the Work Order Search, the chart view was not always accurately showing the correct number of open versus completed and closed work orders. These values are now showing correctly.

FIXED In some cases when editing a route, adding or removing a workflow was causing an error on save. Adding or removing a workflow now saves normally.

V2.63.0 (05/Jun/23)

IMPROVED Made updates to asset audits to ensure an audit does not appear for an asset attribute when no actual change was made.

FIXED In certain scenarios, when editing a reoccurring work order in a route set to hide work orders until next occurrence, that work order was then being hidden when it should be visible. These work orders will now show as visible.

FIXED When searching for security roles on the Security Role page, if no search criteria was entered then no results were visible. Now if no search criteria is entered then all results are visible.

FIXED When viewing a completed workflow report, if a list item with alternate name enabled were selected for a multiple choice or multiple select field, that alternate name was not showing correctly. Alternate name values are now visible on completed reports normally.

V2.62.0 (22/May/23)

IMPROVED Made general security improvements around timeline entries.

FIXED Some special characters in workflow field titles were causing analytics charts to fail to load. These charts now load normally.

FIXEDIn some scenarios, time fields were being converted to dates in the Workflow Compliance Report page. These fields now correctly display as times.

FIXEDThe number of open/in progress work orders listed on the Route Dashboard page were not always accurately displaying. These numbers now accurately reflect what is in the selected route.

V2.61.0 (08/May/23)

IMPROVED Made general improvements to system security.

FIXED In Newest Wins or UC Wins Esri subscriptions, users were not receiving errors when an asset update to ArcGIS failed. Users will now receive those errors like an Esri subscription error.

FIXED When creating an Esri subscription set to Create New for an asset class, any additional subscriptions using Create New would incorrectly notify a user that the asset class was already in use until the previous subscription finished syncing. Users can now create multiple Create New subscriptions without issue.

FIXED When editing an asset, if a multiple choice field was previously saved with an alternate name, that field was not loading correctly. Alternate names now show normally on editing an asset.

V2.60.0 (24/Apr/23)

IMPROVED Updated audits for a route’s details so that edits to a route’s scheduling are more clear.

IMPROVED Made general improvements to syncing on the My Work page and offline storage.

IMPROVED Updated error handling on Esri subscriptions so that users receive error emails when a UC asset fails to create in ArcGIS.

IMPROVED Made general improvements to system security.

FIXEDIn certain scenarios, autogenerated asset IDs on an asset class were not generating properly and users were unable to create new assets without updating the asset class' start number. Asset IDs will now generate normally in these scenarios.

FIXEDDefault values for user fields in the Workflow Report Editor were not always populating correctly and now populate normally.

FIXEDValues entered into assets fields were not showing correctly on reviewing in progress or completed workflow reports and now should be showing normally.

FIXEDIn some scenarios previous values were not populating correctly for workflows with previous expressions in the Workflow Report Editor. These values will now populate normally.

V2.59.0 (10/Apr/23)

IMPROVED The Workflow Summary Report page previously only showed completed work if the associated workflow had a work schedule or any work orders. Now all valid workflows will show for an account regardless of scheduling.

FIXED Routes were not always generating work orders properly after editing a route’s scheduling or adding or removing assets or workflows, particularly weekly routes scheduled to reoccur on specific days of the week. These routes now reoccur normally.

FIXED The Workflow Summary Report Details page was not loading properly for any workflows with a field titled Date due to a collision with standard workflow fields. These workflows now load normally.

FIXED Multiple choice fields were not populating defaults correctly when completing work. These fields will now default normally.

FIXED In certain scenarios duplicate emails were being added to email recipients in triggers. Duplicates will no longer populate and any duplicates that currently exist will not send multiple emails.

FIXED In scenarios where a workflow or asset class' number field had a minimum or maximum that did not match its step validation, users were unable to save an asset or workflow even if the input was valid. These mismatches will no longer prevent saving if other validation for number fields pass.

FIXED Some expressions in workflows were not working properly due to case sensitivity. Cases no longer need to match for an expression to evaluate correctly.

FIXED After clearing cache, workflows were not loading properly while a user is offline., even after syncing. Workflows now load offline normally if synced after clearing cache.

FIXED Some accounts and child accounts were not exporting as a CSV when exporting from the Account Details page. These now export correctly as a CSV.

V2.58.0 (27/Mar/23)

FIXED On the Map, assets with due in progress work orders were not showing as due. Those assets will now show as having due work correctly.

FIXED In certain scenarios, a failure in one workflow trigger was causing all other triggers to fail even if they were not directly related. A failure in a trigger should now only affect that trigger, not others.

V2.57.0 (13/Mar/23)

IMPROVED Updated Esri syncs so that in an Esri-wins subscription, assets in Utility Cloud that do not exist in ArcGIS are deactivated.

IMPROVED Improved syncing and offline behavior of the My Work page after clearing cache.

IMPROVED Updated the Work Orders widget on the Landing Page to include in progress work orders in addition to open work orders and clearly differentiate between each.

IMPROVED Made general improvements to reoccurring work orders.

FIXED After adding a workflow field on the Workflow Class Builder, that field was not immediately visible until after saving. New workflow fields will now show immediately.

FIXED Work orders were not immediately showing as in progress when saving as a draft from the My Work page. These work orders will now immediately reflect the proper status.

FIXED Some visibility conditionals were not showing appropriately based on multiple select fields. These visibility conditionals now show and hide fields as normal.

FIXED Date fields with a default were not always showing appropriately on in progress work orders. These fields now show as normal.

FIXED Asset attachments were not always saving correctly if they belonged to an account with a special character in its name. Attachments now save normally for these assets.

FIXED Not all assets were syncing correctly when creating a new Esri subscription with change tracking enabled. All assets now are created normally on initial sync.

FIXED The Workflow Reports page was not always retrieving correct results based on a user’s search criteria and now should retrieve results normally.

V2.56.0 (27/Feb/23)

NEW Signature fields are now available for workflows, allowing additional configurability and multiple signatures per workflow. You can read more in our announcement here.

NEW Work orders can now be saved to an in progress status with the new “Can Save Draft Work Order” security right. You can read more in our announcement here.

IMPROVED Made general improvements to system security.

IMPROVED Made improvements to syncing offline data to reduce the overall size of data downloaded.

FIXED Certain mobile devices were not properly being recognized as mobile devices instead of desktop. Mobile devices are now consistently and correctly identified as mobile devices.

FIXEDWhen creating a work order from the Asset Search page, users were unable to add scheduling details. Users can now add work orders with or without schedules normally from the Asset Search.

FIXED When adding a field to a workflow from the Workflow Class Builder, that field was not visible despite being successfully added. Workflow fields will show as normal when added to a workflow.

V2.55.0 (30/Jan/23)

NEW Added the ability to anonymize any user to remove any personal information. For more information, see our announcement here.

NEW Continued support for upcoming in progress work orders feature.

NEW Continued support for upcoming signature field enhancement.

FIXED Links in some emails to attachments were expiring earlier than intended. These links are no longer expiring early.

FIXEDWhen adding an asset to an existing route, users were incorrectly seeing an error message that their route’s start date had changed. This error message will no longer show when adding an asset to a route without changing start date.

FIXEDIn certain scenarios routes were not expiring previous work orders and create their next interval. These routes will now reoccur normally.

FIXEDFor some workflow fields visibility conditionals were not showing or hiding correctly when the conditional contained an OR condition. These fields will now show or hide correctly.

FIXEDWhen creating an asset through the Create Assets API, users were able to select inactive list items for multiple choice or multiple select fields. Users are now being prevented from selecting inactive list items.

V2.54.0 (16/Jan/23)

NEW Users with an existing Muni-Link configuration can now enable any other account to send completed work orders to Muni-Link.

NEW Continued support for upcoming in progress work orders feature.

IMPROVED Made general improvements to system security.

FIXED Fixed an issue where previous value expressions were retrieving the most recently updated workflow report instead of the most recently completed.

FIXED Security roles and right exceptions were not always updating correctly for users on a user import. Both now update appropriately based on a user’s current security rights.

V2.53.0 (04/Jan/23)

NEW Continued support for upcoming in progress work orders feature.

IMPROVED Changed logic around previous expressions to ensure they correctly identify the most recent workflow report in the Workflow Report Editor. Previously these expressions would instead look to the most recently modified.

IMPROVED Made various changes to audits for clarity and brevity.

FIXED In certain scenarios links in emails were not redirecting correctly. Those links will now work normally.

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