V2.24.0 (22/Nov/21)

  • NEW Resource costs set in a workflow are now available in the Workflow Report Editor and can be edited and saved by the user completing work.
  • IMPROVED Resource costs set on an individual workflow report are now being returned though the GetWFReports API instead of the defaults set on the workflow itself.
  • FIXED Some workflow reports were being incorrectly flagged as duplicates on completing work. Issue was addressed and duplicates will now process as updates instead.
  • FIXED Workflow import templates were validating as requiring a field that most workflows did not have as required and preventing import. Field is no longer marked as required except in big data workflows.
  • FIXED Some users were not able to view newly-created asset classes or workflows. All users now can see newly-created asset classes and workflows with appropriate access.
  • FIXED Workflow fields in the GetWFReports API call in use by Google reporting and the Utility Cloud Excel add-in were being returned in alphabetical order instead of ordered by field ID. Ordering was returned to by field ID.
  • FIXED Workflow fields that should have been returned as numbers in the GetWFReports API call were instead being returned as strings. Those fields are now being returned as numbers again.
  • FIXED Log files for some jobs were labeled incorrectly and are now being correctly labeled as log files.

V2.23.0 (08/Nov/21)

  • NEW Added the ability to set resource costs for equipment, material, and labor on a workflow and enable for use in reporting. For details see Workflow Classes.
  • FIXED Addressed an issue where new assets were not being added to an existing route correctly.
  • FIXED Addressed an issue preventing some users from properly authenticating through our API using XML.

V2.22.85 (25/Oct/21)

  • IMPROVED Updated Muni-Link integration to support Service Orders in addition to Work Orders. For more information, see Muni-Link.
  • IMPROVED Added the ability to show or hide the Utility Cloud announcements on the Landing Page for whitelabel billing accounts.
  • FIXED Addressed an issue where proximity verification settings were always being set to true on importing a workflow regardless of import content.
  • FIXED The save offline option in the Workflow Report Editor was not consistently showing on. Option now always shows.
  • FIXED Addressed an issue where some users were not able to log in properly through the welcome email or password reset emails.

V2.22.84 (11/Oct/21)

  • NEW Added the ability for an individual user to be associated with multiple billing accounts.
  • IMPROVED Updated iTron import integration to accept .file file extensions in addition to .dat.
  • IMPROVED Made improvements to performance to the Asset Search in specific scenarios.
  • IMPROVED Added the ability to set unique terms and conditions for whitelabel billing accounts.

V2.22.83 - (27/Sep/21)

  • NEW Enabled deleting historical workflow reports through the new data retention policy setting on a workflow. For details see Workflow Classes.
  • IMPROVED Added the ability to show or hide the "Submit a ticket" tab on the Landing Page based on security right.
  • FIXED Addressed an issue where some users were not able to submit a support ticket from the Landing Page.

V2.22.82 (13/Sep/21)

  • IMPROVED Enhanced the Workflow Report Editor so that users could save workflow reports offline without submitting work without requiring the user to actually be offline.
  • FIXED Resolved an issue where complex visibility conditionals on some asset classes were preventing saving assets.
  • FIXED Addressed an issue where saving a route was timing out after editing the workflows assigned to assets in that route.

V2.22.81 (30/Aug/21)

  • NEW Added support for creating email-only users that will receive Utility Cloud reports without needing to set up login credentials.
  • FIXED Improved performance on new asynchronous workflow submission functionality.

V2.22.80 (16/Aug/21)

  • NEW Added support for Hose Monster range extender devices through Bluetooth Low Energy fields. For more information see Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • NEW Added support for configuring a data retention policy for historical workflow reports. For details see Workflow Classes.
  • IMPROVED Improved performance on loading assets on the map.
  • FIXED Addressed an issue where users on single tenant environments were not able to submit a support ticket from the Landing Page.

V2.22.79 (02/Aug/21)

  • NEW Added the ability to submit a workflow asynchronously instead of waiting for behind the scenes logic (like triggers) to complete. For details see Workflow Classes.
  • FIXED Addressed separate issues where point and linear assets were not indicating work due correctly.

V2.22.78 (19/Jul/21)

  • IMPROVED Updated the account search when adding accounts for a user to more accurately indicate the accounts available to a user.
  • IMPROVED Improved performance on submitting work from the Workflow Report Editor.
  • IMPROVED Improved performance on editing a work order.
  • FIXED Addressed an issue where assets were not correctly being set to inactive through asset imports.
  • FIXED Addressed an issue where some assets were not loading properly when attempting to edit.