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Bluetooth low energy

Utility Cloud offers the ability to pair with multiple Bluetooth Low Energy devices through a workflow field. With this enabled through the workflow, anyone with a supported device can quickly pull in readings from their Bluetooth devices instead of manually entering data.

Enabling a workflow for Bluetooth

Through the Workflow Class Builder page, you can enable number type workflow fields to pair to specific Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

  1. From the Workflow Class Search, search for and select the workflow you wish to enable for Bluetooth usage.
  2. From the Workflow Class Builder, create a new number field or select an existing number field to edit.
  3. When editing the field, select Bluetooth Enabled.
  4. Select Device Type and Device Reading, then select Ok.
  5. When you're finished making any other edits to the workflow, select Save.

Bluetooth low energy settings

A Bluetooth-enabled number field behaves otherwise the same as any number field with a required minimum, maximum, and step. The below additional settings are specifically relevant to Bluetooth-enabled fields:

  • Device Type (required): the device the field is configured to read from. Currently only Hose Monster's Smart Monster and Range Extender devices are supported with the Hose Monster option.
  • Device Reading (required): the reading to be pulled into the field from the selected device.
  • Group ID: an ID to represent fields that pull in readings from the same device. Once a device is paired to one field it will automatically pair with all other fields of the same Group ID.

Security Rights Required: View Workflows; Edit Workflows

Using Bluetooth devices with a workflow

Once a workflow is configured with at least one Bluetooth-enabled field, you can pair a device to that field and read values from the device directly to your workflow.

  1. When completing any Bluetooth-enabled workflow, select the Bluetooth (
    ) button.
  2. Select a device to pair.
    1. If you select a Smart Monster device, that device will pair immediately to the field you select and any other fields with the same Group ID.
    2. If you select a Range Extender device, you will be prompted to select any of the Smart Monster devices paired to that Range Extender.
  3. Repeat step 2 on as many other fields as required.
  4. Once a field is paired to a device, select the Play (
    ) button to read from that device. You can read to multiple fields at once as long as they don't have the same Group ID.
  5. Once finished reading from a device, select the Stop (
    ) button. If you are finished reading from all devices, select Stop All (
    )  instead.
  6. Enter any other required data in your workflow as normal, then select Save.

Validation for a field won't trigger until that field has stopped reading from a device.

If a field is not connected to a device it shows as below:

Once connected, it shows the name of the device it's connected to:

To disconnect any device, you can select the Disconnect (

) button on any currently-connected field.

If you're working on a Bluetooth-enabled workflow you don't need to enter values using a paired Bluetooth device. Any values can be entered into the field as if it were not Bluetooth-enabled, or values read from a Bluetooth device can be edited as usual once a reading has been stopped.

Security Rights Required: View Workflow Reports; Can Complete Work

Supported browsers/operating systems

Browser-based Bluetooth Low Energy is still a relatively new technology and only supported on some browsers and operating systems. If a browser doesn't support Bluetooth Low Energy then you'll see the following error message on any Bluetooth-enabled field:

Supported operating systems

  • Windows10

  • Mac OS

  • Chrome OS

  • Android 6.0 and higher

Supported browsers

  • Mac OS

    • Chrome

  • Windows 10:

    • Chrome 70 and higher

    • Edge 79 and higher

  • Android:

    • Chrome for Android 56 and higher

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