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Print queues

Print queues are a collection of PDF reports produced through a Google-linked workflow. You can link any workflow’s report settings to a print queue to easily group reports together for printing rather than downloading each report individually from the asset it belongs to.

Creating a print queue

Print queues can be created and edited in the Print Queue Editor page.

  1. From either the Landing Page or the navigation menu, select the Print Queues tile to navigate to the Print Queues page.
  2. Select Create in the upper right of the page to navigate to the Print Queue Editor page.
  3. Enter a unique name for your queue and select Save.

Your print queue will now show in the Print Queues page and in the report settings of any workflow. To edit an existing print queue, select edit (

) next to that queue.

Print queue settings

In addition to your print queue’s name, you can set the below settings:

  • Active: All print queues are active by default. Switching to inactive will make it unavailable for use in a workflow’s report settings.
  • Sort Order: The sort order you queue shows on the Print Queue page. If sort order is left blank, your queue will default to sorting alphabetically.
  • Description: An optional description of your print queue.
  • Roles: The security roles your print queue is available to. If no roles are assigned, then your print queue will be available to all roles.

Security Rights Required: View Print Queues; Edit Print Queues

Sending reports to a print queue

Any workflow that has a report setting linked to Google can have its PDF reports sent to a print queue in addition to the asset’s attachments or other stakeholders. To link a report setting to a print queue:

  1. From the Workflow Class Search, search for and select the workflow you want to link to a print queue.
  2. From the Workflow Class Builder of the selected workflow, select Reporting from the dropdown menu (
    ) in the upper right of the page.
  3. From either a new report setting or an existing one, select Print Queues from the publishing options, then select your print queue.
  4. Select Save.

For more information on setting up Google report settings, see Reporting with Google and Workflow classes.

Security Rights Required: View Workflows; Edit Workflows

Printing from your queues

Once a print queue is linked to a workflow and work is being completed, the resulting report PDFs will begin to populate in your print queue. To save a PDF of all your reports in the queue for printing:

  1. From the Print Queues page, select a print queue.
  2. From that print queue, select any or all of your reports you’d like saved.
  3. Select Email PDF, confirm your selection, and enter the email address to send your reports to.

Reports will show as Pending until the email email is sent. Once complete, your reports will show as PDF Emailed followed by the date and An email will also be sent to you with those reports attached as a single PDF. They will also be available for download from the jobs on the Landing Page. Once reports have been emailed from a print queue, you can select Hide Pending and PDF Emailed Status to filter them out and clear again to show all reports in your queue.

Security Rights Required: View Print Queues

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