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Work scheduler

Key Points to Work Scheduler Tile

  • The Work Schedule is an area where the user can view, create and edit the schedules of workflows on an entire asset class.
  • This enables the user to take workflows and asset classes and create work that is due on a schedule.

Details to Work Scheduler Tile

Work can be scheduled as a one time occurrence or on a minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis.

Create a Work Schedule

Quick Steps to Create a Schedule

  1. Select the Work Scheduler tile from the Landing Page or the left navigation menu.
  2. Select the desired Account.
  3. Select Create.
  4. Select the desired Asset Class and Workflow.
  5. Select a work schedule and start date.
  6. Add stakeholders if desired.
  7. Select Save.

Detailed Steps to Create a Schedule

  1. Select the assets to be worked on: select one asset class for the work to be assigned to; all assets in this class will receive the same schedule for the work.
  2. Select the work to do: select a single workflow.
  3. Perform Work Every: select a numerical value into the first section and select a repeat period in the second. (minutes, hours, days, etc.) The user can also choose to create the schedule as a single event. The user must input a starting date and time as well.
  4. Select who is informed about the progress of work: add a stakeholder to the schedule.

Security Rights Required: View Work Scheduler

Edit a Work Schedule

Quick Steps to Edit a Schedule

  1. Select the Work Scheduler tile from the Landing Page or from the left navigation bar.
  2. Select the account which contains the desired schedule.
  3. The Search can be further refined by typing the name of the Asset Class or Workflow into the search bar. 
  4. Select the desired Schedule will bring the user to the Work Schedule Editor.
  5. Changes can be made to the Assets, Work, Schedule and Stakeholders.
  6. Select Save.

Security Rights Required: View Work Scheduler

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