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Work queues

Key Points to Work Queue Tile

  • A list of work items populated by predefined criteria to be completed by users online or offline. The work queue manager will allow an administrator or other user with the appropriate rights to create a work queue for themselves or others. 
  • Work Queues allow users the option to work offline in the field in areas of little or no connectivity to the internet. 

Detailed Description of Work Queue Tile

Work queues are created to group work together to be viewed by users to complete work that matches specific criteria.  For example, if one person typically only paints hydrants, a work queue can be created that shows only those hydrants that need to be painted.  The work is not "assigned" to this person if it is in a work queue but instead shows all items in that user's assigned accounts that would meet the criteria. Assets displayed on the map can be filtered by a work queue to limit the number of assets displayed on the map at one time.

By default, all users are assigned the work queue My Open Work Orders. This default work queue automatically generates and contains all open work orders assigned to a user in their assigned accounts.

Creating and Editing Work Queues

Quick Steps to Create a Work Queue

  1. Select the Work Queues tile from the Landing Page or from the left navigation menu.
  2. Select the Create button.
  3. Enter the Name of the work queue.
  4. Add Criteria for the work queue.
  5. Refresh to see results matching the above criteria.
  6. Assign Users to this work queue. Only users in the assigned field will see this work queue in the My Work tile.
  7. Select Save.

Detailed Steps to Create a Work Queue

  1. From the Work Queues tile, select the Create button.
  2. Name the work queue and make sure to select Is Active.
  3. Optional: select Prompt User to sync if offline for x days to notify a user if they have not synced.
  4. Optional: select Is Batched to set a work queue as a batched work queue.
  5. Add Criteria to the work queue. Criteria is based on the following asset attributes: Asset ID, Asset Description, Asset Class, Longitude, Latitude, Account, Attribute, Created on, Created by, Asset Indicator Text, Asset Type or Workflow. 
  6. Preview Results - refresh to see the results of the criteria.
  7. Assign Users to view this work queue.  Only users in the assigned field will see work in this queue. Select the text box to view a drop down of available users.

Security Rights Required: View Work Queue, Create Work Queue

Editing an Existing Work Queue

  1. Select the Work Queues tile from the Landing Page or from the left navigation menu.
  2. Select the work queue from the list.
  3. Edit criteria and other options as needed.
  4. Select Save.

Security Rights Required: View Work Queue, Edit Work Queue

Searching for a Work Queue

Users can search for work queues by Author, Title and/or Assignees to the view. The user must select Refresh to return the results of the search. 

Security Rights Required: View Work Queue

Batched Work Queues

Any work queue can be set to be a batched work queue by selecting the Is Batched option in the Work Queue Editor.

When completing work in a batched work queue, work is not immediately submitted on completion like normally. Instead, users must select Complete Batch from that work queue to submit all pending work:

Once a batch is submitted, all pending work is submitted similar to syncing once coming from offline to on. Once a batch is submitted, a new batch is started for that work queue.

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