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Impersonation is a tool for administrators who need to help troubleshoot any of the users in their billing account. When impersonating a user, you'll see Utility Cloud as if you're logged in as that user with the same level of access and assigned accounts, assets, work, or anything else in Utility Cloud. When impersonating a user, for all intents and purposes you're logged in as that user.

Impersonating a user

To impersonate any user:

  1. Select the Users tile from the Landing Page or from the quick navigation menu.

  2. Search for the User you would like to impersonate.

  3. Select Impersonate on the User card.

Due to some limitations of Utility Cloud, it's recommended that you sync from the My Work page once you've impersonated a user. Certain pages, specifically My Work and the Workflow Report Editor, will cache your user’s settings due to the nature of those page’s ability to work offline.

Security Rights Required: View Users; Can Impersonate User

Security restrictions and impersonating

To increase restrictions on certain users' access, security roles can be set with restriction levels in the Security Roles page. Restriction levels set a level of access on each security role, with 0 being the highest. By default all security roles are set to 0, but if security roles are being used to govern access, users are not able to impersonate any user with a higher restriction level than them. For more information, see Restriction Levels.

Searching across billing accounts

If you're an administrators of a parent billing account, you can search for and impersonate users in any of your child billing accounts. In addition to seeing the account dropdown in the User Search's quick search, you'll l also see the billing account dropdown.

Security Rights Required: View Users; Can Impersonate User, Billing Account Admin

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