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Asset tags and the QR code scanner

Use QR Codes to quickly and easily identify assets and access their data

Quick Steps to Associating Assets with QR Code Tags

  1. Order your asset tags: Utility Cloud has added a new store tile that allows you to order your asset tags. Simply select the "Store" tile on your dashboard and select the tags you would like to purchase. We also supply the roller!
  2. Attach the tag to your asset: If you are using a hang tag, you can attach the tag with a hang tag tie. If you are using a metal tag, be sure to follow best practices to make sure the tag adheres to your asset correctly.
  3. Associate the tags with your assets: Once you attach the tag to your asset, simply associate each tag with its asset in Utility Cloud by using the asset editor.
  4. You may use any QR Code scanner or download the Utility Cloud QR Code scanner application to your mobile device. This new application allows you to scan the QR Code on the tag and automatically be brought to all the data for that asset.

Detailed Steps To Associating Assets with QR Codes

A QR code is a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone. QR codes are used by Utility Cloud to direct the user to the asset upon scanning the QR Code. This gives you quick access to all your asset data without having to search for the asset. Simply scan and go!

How do I order my asset tags?

We have added an easy way to order your asset tags directly in Utility Cloud. Simply select the Store tile from your dashboard and order one of the following tags:

  • Hang Tag: This tag requires the hang tag tie and hangs from the asset. This type of tag works best for assets where the tag may be hung from the asset using a chain or tie wrap. This type of tag is suggested for assets such as backflow preventers, piping, instrumentation or any other asset that doesn't have a smooth, clean surface to attach the tag to.
  • Metal Tag: This tag uses an adhesive to attach to the asset. This type of tag works best with assets that have a smooth, clean surface to attach the tag to it. This type of tag is suggested for assets such as signs, control cabinets, desks, computers or vehicles.
  • Hang Tag Tie: This tie is required to attach your hang tags to your asset. If you are purchasing hang tags, make sure you also order enough ties to go along with the hang tags.
  • Commercial Grade Rubber Roller: This roller is recommended for adhering the metal tags. See best practice video from Metal Craft below for more information on how to affix tags. We provide one (1) Roller with your purchase of Metal Adhesive Tags, you may choose to order more.

2. How do I associate the tags with my assets?

Once you have your asset tags, associating the tags with your assets is simple:

Any QR code scanner will work with Utility Cloud. Utility Cloud also offers a free QR Code Scanner Application. This is available for both Android and Apple Devices. 

Utility Cloud Scan and Go App    

apple store
google play
google play

Users may also choose to:

  • Use a webcam or the Computer camera
  • Use another QR Code Scanner to scan the asset tag and associate it with an asset
  • Search for the Asset, Edit the Asset, Enter the QR Code into the Asset Tag field
  1. Scan the QR Code with your selected device
  2. User will be brought to a Notice; Invalid Asset Tag or Asset Tag has not been associated to an asset. Click here to select an asset, then edit the asset by entering the QR Code into the Asset Tag field

3.How do I apply my asset tag to my asset?
There are many best practices for attaching your asset tag to your asset. It is usually recommended to clean the surface and use a roller to make sure the tag is applied correctly. See video from MetalCraft that walks you through these best practices: 

4.How do I scan my asset tag to be brought directly to my asset information?
Once your have ordered your asset tags and associated them to your assets in Utility Cloud, you may scan the tags via the QR Code Scanner widget from your dashboard or by using our QR Code Scanner application or any other QR code application. Simply scan the tag and be brought directly to all the information for that asset!


What are the benefits of tagging my assets and using the QR Code Scanner?

Asset tagging through Utility Cloud allows users to recall an asset's data by simply scanning a small tag. This solution greatly eliminates the chances of working on the wrong asset and significantly reduces the time it takes to look up the asset in Utility Cloud. Simply SCAN and GO!

Can I order my own asset tags from a different vendor?

The tags need to be ordered through Utility Cloud as they are already embedded with the Utility Cloud data needed in order for them to bring you directly to the asset. 

How durable are the asset tags?

The metal tags are weatherproof and will remain readable for the life of the asset as long as best practices are followed. If the tag ever becomes damaged or lost for any reason, you may always associate a new tag to the asset in Utility Cloud.

What are examples of some uses for asset tags?

Some uses for asset tagging are listed below, however may be used on any assets:

    • Meter Inventory & Management
    • Vehicle Maintenance
    • Street Sign Inventory
    • Lab Sampling

Can I include my logo on the tag instead of Utility Cloud's logo?

If you would like to have your logo printed on the tags instead of Utility Cloud, we may accommodate this through a special request. Please contact for more information.

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