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Demo environment


The Demo Environment can be accessed via the URL for existing customers, which routes to a production-stable environment that duplicates the live Utility Cloud platform. It is restored monthly on the last day of the month with a copy of the latest production database. This resets modification made during the previous month while updating best-in-class demo solutions created by our solution engineers in the production system. Any code deployments to the live system are also deployed to this system at the same time to ensure the demo environment reflects the current state of code in the production environment,


The intended users of this demo environment are:

  1. AEs, representatives, and channel partners looking to demonstrate the platform to prospects.

  2. Marketing staff for content creation or historical usage analysis.

  3. Prospects seeking to test drive.

  4. Existing customers or Account Managers testing new configurations to expand usage of UC.


For the purposed sales and test drive use cases, the platform contains best-in-class templates developed by Utility Cloud Solution Engineers to create targeted solutions. Solution Engineers develop these configurations (solutions) in the production environment under a specific billing account (“Utility Cloud Demo”). The account may only be accessed by solution engineers when in the live system. These solutions are not accessible by others until deployed to the demo environment.

The solution engineer will create testing and access logins for the solution account but in an inactive state. The system scripts when copying the database down from production will activate these user accounts. Note that all other users and customers may log in using the same credentials as they do for production, so long as they have not changed since last restore. Users to be activated via the script are users with the last name that contains the string “Demo”.


Utility Clouds' first in class Customer Support and Success teams are here to assist you immediately if you have any issues accessing this demo environment.

Hours of Operations

The demo environment is not always online and turns off between 8:45 PM EST and 9:15 PM EST every night.

All existing customers in our system have the ability to turn on the demo environment as needed when the environment is currently offline, see Turn on the Demo Environment for details.

Access the Demo Environment

Your authentication should be the same as in production, Demo is updated at the first of the month any month, so if you’ve made any recent changes to your user they may not be valid for Demo.

  1. Navigate to

  2. Log in with your user

  3. Congratulations, you have successfully logged in!

If after you complete the first step and you see the following:

  • This site can’t be reached. took too long to respond.

  • You have confirmed you have an internet connection and the Work Queue is attempting to load.

Please see Turn on the Demo Environment

Access the Demo Environment’s APIs

Demo is ideal to test API integrations since it has recent copies of your configuration in production. APIs on demo use the base URL instead of the production endpoint (our production endpoint). For more information on using our APIs, see RESTful API.

Turn on the Demo Environment

The process to turn on the environment when off takes less than 10 minutes.

  1. Open your email client and compose a new email with the following fields:

    1. Email To:

    2. Subject: DEMO-UCLD-US

  2. You will receive an email confirmation within roughly 5 minutes indicating status of your request. The email will tell you if the server is starting, is already running, server failed to start, or the server you requested is unknown.

  3. Wait for roughly 10 minutes for the environment to fully start up.

  4. Follow the steps to Access the Demo Environment

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