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The documentation defined here is intended for developers to interface with Utility Cloud via the RESTful HTTPS API.

The API is documented in the Postman Platform located here: This platform allows developers to interact, discover, and work with resources and endpoints available in the API.

Prior to using the API, you must log in to Utility Cloud using one of the User Interface Addresses in the table below, to verify your username and create a password.

After you have logged into the system and verified your username, you must first request an Authentication Token that is passed with every subsequent request.

API-enabled environments

EnvironmentUser Interface AddressAPI Endpoint


* The acceptance environment is for testing, and access is limited. Please contact Utility Cloud support for access.

**Similarly, our demo environment is intended for testing, but it is open to anyone wishing to use it and contains recent copies of your data. For more information, see Demo environment.

C# Example

JavaScript Example

Please contact with any questions.

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