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Compliance data input manager

Key Points to Using the Data Input Manager

  • Quickly enter and review data for multiple work orders in a table view for each month.

  • Easily identify data outside of user-configured Compliance Limits.

  • Input data for each work order and complete all at once when all data is entered.

Detailed Description of the Data Input Manager

The Compliance Data Input Manager is a place where users can quickly view all open or completed work orders of the same workflow class against an asset. From there, users can enter and edit data for each field on the work order without actually completing that work order. Field workers can then complete those work orders from the Workflow Report Editor with data entered from the Data Input Manager prepopulated, or once all work orders have all their required information entered for the month, an administrator can complete all work orders for the month from the Data Input Manager.

NOTE: Currently the Data Input Manager only supports number fields in workflow classes. All other field types will be visible but disabled for input if they are not required fields. If they are required fields, they will not be available through the Data Input Manager.

Creating a Compliance Workflow Class

There are no special steps to creating a workflow class to be used with the Data Input Manager. There are some limitations on what fields are supported through the Data Input Manager, however:

  • Only number fields are supported for data input. All other fields are view-only.

  • If any non-number field is required in a workflow class, then that workflow class is not available in the Data Input Manager.

  • Expressions are not supported at all in the Data Input Manager and any workflow class with expression will not be available to view or edit.

  • Visibility conditionals and conditional messages are not supported. Hidden fields will always show, and conditional messages will never show.

More information on creating and configuring workflow classes can be found here.

Scheduling Work Orders for Compliance

Any work order with a schedule can be viewed and completed from the Data Input Manager. The best way to create and manage work orders for use with Compliance is through creating a route, but work orders created outside of a route will still show. If you would like to manage a large number of work orders out into the future, you may create future occurrences against an asset using the Maintain future reoccurrences functionality when creating a route. For more information, see Routes.

Only scheduled work orders will ever show in the Data Input Manager. Scheduled work created through the Work Scheduler will not show.

Viewing and Completing Work from the Data Input Manager

Quick Steps to View the Data Input Manager

  1. Select the Compliance tile from the Landing Page or the navigation menu.

  2. Select an Account.

  3. Select an Asset you would like to view in that Account.

  4. Select the Workflow you would like to see against that Asset.

By default the current month is selected in the date picker, and all open, completed, and closed work orders of the selected workflow/asset combination will show from that month, with each row representing a single work order and its associated workflow report. Once an account, asset, workflow, and date are selected, those values will persist on next returning to the Data Input Manager. You may sort the work orders by Work Order ID, Date, or if any data has been entered for a field in a work order, workflow fields.

Any data entered in a field will be flagged red if it is outside compliance limits for that field or white if within those limits. If no limits are configured for that field, it will show as yellow. For more information, see Limits.

Security Rights Required: View Compliance

Quick Steps to Editing/Completing Work from the Data Input Manager

  1. Select the Compliance tile from the Landing Page or the navigation menu.

  2. Select an Account, Asset, and Workflow to see all work orders of that workflow against the selected asset.

  3. Select any field on a work order to enter a value, and hover over that field to see it’s description. Value is saved on enter or clicking or tabbing away from field. If value does not pass validation, you must either undo the entry or edit so that it passes validation before leaving the field.

  4. Once all required fields for all work orders in the month are entered, select Submit to bulk complete all open work orders.

When entering data for any field in the Data Input Manager, that field is saved without completing the work order. When these values are entered in the Data Input Manager, they will then be visible as prepopulated defaults on that work order for any user completing the work order through the Workflow Report Editor. If a work order is canceled or expires, any data on the workflow report associated with that work order is deleted.

Work orders in the Data Input Manager cannot be completed through Compliance until all required fields are entered. This does not prevent users from completing those work orders through other method like the Workflow Report Editor, and opened and completed work orders both show in the Data Input Manager.

Security Rights Required: Edit Compliance

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