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Release Notes - V2.25.0 (06/Dec/21)

NEW Resource costs now show on the Work Order Details of any work order where resource tracking is enabled.

IMPROVED Support was added for showing comparison to previous workflow reports of resource costs on any workflow with compare and confirm set.

IMPROVED Performance on the map for returning assets with various filters set up was optimized.

FIXED An issue was fixed preventing save of some workflow reports associated with a reoccurring work order.

FIXED Workflows without a business line set were causing an error in the Workflow Class Search and now should return results without error.

FIXED Editing any workflow report’s photo field was including the full image data instead of a link to the image in the Audit Trail. Future audits will include just the image URL.

FIXED An issue was resolved where ESRI layers with change tracking enabled where not always returning longitude and latitude correctly when syncing with Utility Cloud.

FIXED The job processing panel was not displaying jobs correctly on single tenant servers and now will show correctly.

FIXED In certain scenarios the User Details page was not showing correctly if a user’s security roles did not match their billing account. These users will now show correctly.

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