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Release Notes - V2.24.0 (22/Nov/21)

NEW Resource costs set in a workflow are now available in the Workflow Report Editor and can be edited and saved by the user completing work.

IMPROVED Resource costs set on an individual workflow report are now being returned though the GetWFReports API instead of the defaults set on the workflow itself.

FIXED Some workflow reports were being incorrectly flagged as duplicates on completing work. Issue was addressed and duplicates will now process as updates instead.

FIXED Workflow import templates were validating as requiring a field that most workflows did not have as required and preventing import. Field is no longer marked as required except in big data workflows.

FIXED Some users were not able to view newly-created asset classes or workflows. All users now can see newly-created asset classes and workflows with appropriate access.

FIXED Workflow fields in the GetWFReports API call in use by Google reporting and the Utility Cloud Excel add-in were being returned in alphabetical order instead of ordered by field ID. Ordering was returned to by field ID.

FIXED Workflow fields that should have been returned as numbers in the GetWFReports API call were instead being returned as strings. Those fields are now being returned as numbers again.

FIXED Log files for some jobs were labeled incorrectly and are now being correctly labeled as log files.

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