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Release Notes - V2.22.64 (4/Jan/21)

Utility Cloud Improvements & Release Stories

  • UCLD-5453 - Add account field and update API for limits (BE)

  • UCLD-5455 - Update Daily Violations Report (BE)

  • UCLD-5456 - Add account to payload (FE)

  • UCLD-5480 - Send CSRF token with POST request in Krypton (FE)

  • PS-216 - Add Bluetooth field type to Workflow Class

  • PS-217 - Add Bluetooth button next to the Bluetooth field type in Workflow Report Editor

  • PS-218 - Capture reading to the Bluetooth field in Workflow Report Editor


  • PS-224 - Make new EC2 cloud machine work like sandbox for shut down and start up.

Bug Resolutions

  • UCLD-5435 - Work Order Calendar - work orders not displaying correctly when user has any time zone other than Eastern (FE)

  • UCLD-5494 - The 500 error is shown after opening Works page (latest develop).

  • CII-822 - Work Report Failing to Clear Old Data

  • CII-912 - Rotate Pictures Bug Error

  • CII-1040 - Request for Unsubscribe has failed email

  • CII-1045 - Copying Text into UC Timeline Section

  • CII-1047 - Asset search exports are holding date formatted columns

  • CII-1086 - ESRI integration only designed to work with the first method of generating a token

  • CII-1114 - Esri sync- feature classes not showing

  • CII-1144 - Email Notification Has Stopped

  • CII-1164 - Schematic Asset Icon Colors

  • CII-1175 - Analytic Values Not Populating Correctly

  • CII-1242- Route Not Appearing After Creation

Product Roadmap: Krypton Updates

Overview: Krypton is focused around enhancing our users experience through the performance of the UI. All work currently being logged in Krypton has not yet been released, it is scheduled to be released as a whole once the project is completed.

  • UCLD-5256 - Move Offline Work Queue data usage info from top bar to action bar (FE)

  • UCLD-5259 - Top Bar: White-label logo and text

  • UCLD-5391 - Log in page for white-label products (FE)

  • UCLD-5397 - Log in page for Utility Cloud

  • UCLD-5432 - Keep Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Privacy Center for MSLA users (FE)

  • IAS-540 - Remove Help Flyout and replace with href to page

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