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Release Notes - V2.22.63 (17/Dec/20)

New Features & Product Road Map Initiatives

New Feature: Work Order Calendar View

Overview: UC users are now able to view work orders in a monthly calendar view on the “Work Orders” page located under the Works Tile.

Feature Details:

  • The user can see the work order cards have different colors:

    • Red for past due work orders

    • Blue for upcoming

    • Green for completed

    • Dark green for closed

    • Grey for expired

    • Black for canceled

  • The user can use drag and drop to change the work order due date

  • The user can change the month (the current month is the default)

    • When viewing other than the current month, the user can jump to the current month

  • The user can filter the work orders by the assignee

  • The users can click on work orders to select various options such as view, edit, and complete - depending on the status of the work order


  • Not allowed to change the work order due date to a past date

  • Not allowed to drag and drop multiple work orders at once

  • Not allowed to change a work order due date to be outside it's reoccurring period

Release Story Points:

  • UCLD-5245

  • UCLD-5294

Product Roadmap: Krypton Updates

Overview: Krypton is focused around enhancing our users experience through the performance of the UI. All work currently being logged in Krypton has not yet been released, it is scheduled to be released as a whole once the project is completed.

Story Points:

  • UCLD-539 - Enhancements to the navigation menu UI.

  • UCLD-5426 - Enhancements to the language preference setting on the announcements section on the dashboard. Users will now see announcements in their preferred language setting.

  • UCLD-5436 - Enhancements to the provide feedback section on the dashboard. Feedback will remain in the form until it is submitted, once submitted - the form will close.

Bug Resolutions

  • CII-7 - Conditional visibility issue when unchecked

  • CII-41 - Excel Add-in is not populating data that have "is visibility conditional"

  • CII-286 - Workflow calculation logic not quick enough

  • CII-1058 - Outside array error

  • CII-1127 - Route timing out

  • CII-1229 - Asset Editor - hidden fields not showing with "Can View Hidden Fields"

  • UCLD-5101 - Compliance - revoking security right does not remove right (BE)

  • UCLD-5295 - IDs for work orders and Compliance Triggers are missing (FE)

  • UCLD-5344 - Data Input Manager - not loading in IE

  • UCLD-5350 - An error appears when a user tries to share saved search with another user on Users page (FE)

  • UCLD-5400 - Compliance - fields in daily violation email

  • UCLD-5403 - Date issues on Limits page (BE)

  • UCLD-5410 - Asset Directory: Clicking an asset card is not loading the Asset Details page

  • UCLD-5412 - Work Order Calendar - cards don't show asset description

  • UCLD-5416 - Work Order Calendar - not all work orders showing when changing months

  • UCLD-5420 - Data Input Manager - poor performance on asset dropdown with large number of assets

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