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Release Notes - V2.22.62 (02/Dec/20)


  • Krypton Updates:

    • Enhancements were made to the provide feedback function on the dashboard. Users can can now provide feedback, their contact information, reasons for reaching out, and uploads. [UCLD-5249], [UCLD-5250], [UCLD-5252], [UCLD-5346]

    • Navigation menus are now displayed in the language preference of the user. [UCLD-5269]

    • Users are now able to view the same page title on their browser tab that is listed in the Utility Cloud platform. [UCLD-5320]

    • Updates were made to allow for announcements on the main user dashboard. [UCLD-5329]


  • Compliance Feature:

    • Resolved the issue with the daily limit not being able to be modified once the limit has been added. [UCLD-5332]

    • Resolved limits violation job timing out. [UCLD-5347]

    • Resolved duplicate workflow reports filing per work order. [UCLD-5407]

  • Resolved work order search error occurring when clearing search. [UCLD-5442]


  • Added user email field to the GET_USER API endpoint. [UCLD-5425]

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