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File and image matching tool

Quick Steps to the Image Matching Tool

  1. From the Landing Page select the File Matching tile.

  2. Select the upload button (

    ), then select the files to add.

    1. Files must be in a zipped folder (any file type is appropriate. ex pdf, jpeg, mp4, avi, flv, mwv, mov, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, etc...).

  3. Select the File from the list that populates on the left. If the file is an image then a preview will populate.

  4. Drag and drop the file onto the correct asset to add it to its attachments.

Security Rights Required: View Image Matching

Quick Steps to the Auto Image Matching Tool

The Auto Match tool will automatically match your uploaded files with your assets. 

  1. Before uploading files to match, make sure their names follow one of the following naming conventions.
    1. ASSETID.png
    2. ABC#ASSETID#.png
    3. #ASSETID#ABC.png
    4. AB#ASSETID#CD.png
    5. The Asset ID must be contained within the #'s. Anything else outside of them is accepted but not automatically matched (ex. Pump12#000012# would match to an Asset ID of 000012).
  2. Upload the files.
  3. Select Auto Match.
  4. Select Ok.
  5. If an image does not auto match, it stays on the left bar and can be manually matched.
  6. The user will receive an e-mail telling them which images were matched to assets.

Security Rights Required: View Image Matching

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