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Dedicated single tenant servers

Who is this for?
Enterprise operations and white label customers of Utility Cloud who want to leverage the platform beyond simple implementation. Users of this solution are seeking dedicated and exclusive performance, BI connectivity, data warehousing, and/or have AI and machine learning ambitions.

What is it?
Utility Cloud deployed as a dedicated platform (servers and cloud services) for your exclusive use.

Why do I need this?
Moving from the Utility Cloud multi-tenant environment to a dedicated environment allows for more control, customization, enhanced access to root level administration, and direct connectivity to the Utility Cloud database for BI integration (Tableau and MS PowerBI).

This move also provides considerable performance gains across integrations, reporting, and user interface. In some cases, customers can observe 5-10x faster response times because:

  1. The database server is not shared with any other customers allowing our optimization and performance indexing tuned to your specific configurations.

  2. The only data in the database is your data and your queries are not competing for resources.

  3. The web servers and cloud services are not sharing load with other customers and are dedicated to serving only your users.

Other benefits include:

  1. Enhanced security with full control of who can access the environment with the option to limit network/web access from defined networks and domains.

  2. Direct VPN connectivity to your dedicated SQL Server eliminating the need to sync data using the APIs (data warehousing for BI tools like Tableau and MS PowerBI).

  3. Ability to control resource scaling of the system as you grow.

  4. Optionally define your own domain name for the environment and outbound emails.

Timing: Four weeks from start to go-live.

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